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CRM Software

  • Customer Relationship Manager

  • Employee Engagement

  • Location Management

Our software is designed around the needs of our customers.

Our Goal: Not only provide a CRM solution; We automate employee engagement to better equip your workforce and keep your agency in compliance.

Bring communication front and center. Meet all staff where they are.

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Our Services
Transform the communication across your agency


We provide software as a service, customize to the needs of your agency.  You can use our system on a standalone workstation, in a small office networked environment or across the country.

Our Comm Terminal is a tailored Display Board that displays information needed for employees to keep up on requirements, calendar events, agency messages & more.

Employee Manager

  • Contact Information

  • Click to Call & Email

  • Calendar Events

  • Track Requirements

  • Print Forms

    • Penn DOT forms

    • PA DHS forms

    • forms added as needed

  • File cabinet

Customer Manager

  • Contact Information

  • Click to Call & Email

  • Contact Logs

  • Follow Ups

  • Commissions

  • File cabinet


  • Track Requirement & Log

    • Fire Drill Logs

    • License Tracking

  • Security & Equipment Links

    • Add hyperlinks for locations equipment

  • File Cabinet


  • Equipment Information

  • Equipment Assignment

  • Maintenance Logs (coming soon)

  • Outside Service tracking with purchase orders (coming soon)

  • File Cabinet

Message Manager

  • Manage messages posted across your location

  • Posted for all agency, region, or Location

  • Message removes automatically when expired


  • Track training requirements for staff

  • Tailored for PA School bus requirements

  • Adds up training hours and log appropriately

New Features Added Regularly

We adapt our software to our customers needs

Ready to find out more?

As a professional Information Technology Consultant, we are ready to guide you every step of the way. Click Get free evaluation below to set up a meeting and discuss with us for your personal needs.

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